Rescue Minutes

img_paper_stacksIt’s Astonishing!

You may not realize this, but most of the Small-Business Owners we come across don’t know if they have an Operating Agreement!

So we ask:

“Did you file your Articles of Organization?”

“Did you get an ID number for your company?”

And that’s where the conversations ends. They don’t know if they have a Minute Book or any of the other necessary paperwork to prove they are running their business like a real business!

So we created this Company Minute Book & Recovery Service. We are dedicated to making sure you have the records you need to protect yourself and your company in the event of a lawsuit or audit.

We include:

  • Company Minute Book
  • Operating Agreement
  • Initial Organizational Minutes
  • Membership/Stockholder interest schedules
  • Initial Contribution Schedules
  • Certificates of Ownership (units or shares)
  • Company Seal

Now, I can almost hear your brain talking, “Do I have all these things?”

You will need to make sure you have them all and finally solidify your company.

And, when you buy a current year of our Monthly Resolution Service you get over 30% off!

It’s our gift to you for making the commitment to stop playing catch-up and start getting ahead.

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