Minute Book

Corporate Minute kitDefinition:
Binder or bound book containing permanent and detailed record of the deliberations of, and resolutions adopted at, a company’s official meetings. All incorporated or registered companies are required by law to maintain an up-to-date minute book which should be accessible to all members of the company at the company’s registered office or legal address.

Our most popular corporate kit, ideal for long shelf life. Special 1 1/4″ D-Ring with 290 sheet capacity allows sheets to lay flat.

Binder has individual name gold embossed on spine.

Colors Available:

  • Black/Burgundy
  • Burgundy
  • Green
  • Red
  • Tan
  • Black

Other features:

  • Binder with gold detailing
  • Insertable label holder on spine
  • Preprinted minutes and bylaws or blank paper
  • Customized folding Corporate Seal with NEW Naugahyde carry pouch or box
  • 20 custom printed, numbered Stock Certificates
  • Stock Transfer ledger
  • Special Forms Section – Including IRS requirements for Sub-Chapter S filing and Section 1244 forms
  • Specialized index dividers

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Minute Extender Book

We know you might wish to buy yourself some time, but this is a different kind of Minutes Extender.

Year after year as you document your company’s minutes your book might become jam-packed. Since you will want to keep all minutes permanently filed away, we offer a professional looking binder, clean and neat for an office environment and easy to find for regular use. Includes gold-embossed binder with D-rings for easy use, and a slip-cover to keep your papers dust-free.

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