Using Vine to Promote your Business

9-13-vine-logoThought about Using Vine for Short, Sharable Videos?

If you haven’t thought of employing Vine videos in your small business, you may want to seriously consider it. You probably have what you need to get this done in your pocket. Using the Vine app on your smartphone, you are able to create and upload these short, sharable videos to Twitter as fast as you create them.

So what is Vine?

Well, in case you missed the video, Vine is an innovative video sharing platform on Twitter that enables you to create and upload 6-second videos to Twitter. So you may be thinking, how exactly can a 6-second video help my business? Well, look at some of the ways these companies RedVines, Urban Outfitters and Nintendo made it work for them!

These companies found a way for videos to help further their brand, promote their products and services, and promote their businesses in different ways. They know that this service, that is trending very hot right now, can do for them. One of the major attractions of a service like Vine is that getting your content in front of people is getting more and more difficult as people are less willing to take the time to read. People are less willing to read, so a 6-second video is exactly what the doctor ordered, and you’d be surprised at a few of the ways people are using Vine. As reported by, businesses are making use of them to introduce new employees, announce events, give an insider’s look into the business, and even creating short commercials to display their latest product or service. offers even more innovative ways to use Vine. Some of these include:

  • Recording live customer reactions and testimonials
  • Recording short introductions from your company principals
  • Real estate professionals have found Vine useful to present virtual tours of new listings
  • Restaurants are broadcasting daily specials. Picture a scrumptious plate overlaid with the link, “Click to Smell”, that takes them to the reservation desk. Lots of possibilities here!
  • Decorators and designers are employing Vine to display before and after pics

The possibilities are just about endless, and this is something that can be done very quickly and make a difference in as little as a day. Look into Vine today!

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