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At a recent business conference, we heard about a website called, where you can find all sorts of help for just five dollars. So we decided to check it out and pass our research on to you.

Our first task: find someone who could provide a video introduction for our future videos. There were many to sift through, but I found one that looked promising and I hired him. Then I waited.

I received this video back within 24 hours:

Check out the video here…and comment below to let us know if you LIKE it or HATE it!!

We want to hear from you:

Have you ever used Were you satisfied? Would you recommend them to other business owners?
Our second task: find someone who can provide a professional looking logo for just $5 in a reasonable amount of time.

Click here to see the results

Comments . . . Is It Worth It? — 2 Comments

  1. For Five Bucks! … the video is great! I would suggest however, instead of drawing the logo on a blank sheet of paper, draw the logo on the cover of or inside a “corporate minutes book!”

    The logos did not grab me. However, settling on the right logo is difficult regardless of who designs it or how much you pay. They are very hard to define and you will simply know you have the right one when you see it … trust your gut!

    For any business with limited funds it looks like Fiverr is a very good place to start. I will be using them!

    P.S. Who did you hire for the video? I am interested in possibly hiring him for an upcoming project.

    • We used for the video. It was UniqueFiveX – speed color your logo. You can do a search on for UniqueFiveX and find his gig called “I will speed color your logo for $5.” We found him to be fast and efficient. Let us know how it works out.

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