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  1. Does your company have...?

    A company minute book with a company seal?
    Certificates of membership interest issued
    “Exhibit A: Membership Interests” Schedule filled out
    All of the above
    I have no idea

  2. Does your company have...?

    Articles of Organization
    Operating Agreement
    Initial Minutes
    All of the above
    I have no idea

  3. If your company has been in business longer than one year, do you have annual meeting minutes done for each of those years?


  4. How often do you take business trips?

    At least once a year
    At least once per quarter
    Every month

  5. Does your company...?

    Buy and sell property
    Have employees
    Have a company car
    Give or take loans
    More than one of the above

  6. Does your company...?

    Lease a building for business
    Own a building for business
    Work out of your home