Just A Minute LLC Can Help Protect Your Business

The IRS recently hired 3,000 new field agents. Their purpose? To audit small businesses.

You see, they think they can find deductions that businesses reported on their tax return and disallow them….and then collect the money — plus penalty and interest.

What does that mean for you as a small business owner? It means you should be sure your company paperwork is current. That means your minutes and resolutions should be in your company minute book.

So, if you decide to purchase any equipment that costs over $500, you should create a company resolution that you are going to purchase that piece of equipment, sign it and put it in your company minute book.

If you decide to take out a loan, it should also be documented. There are hundreds of other minutes and resolutions that should be documented so you can protect your company.

How are you supposed to know everything you should document? How do you word the document so it is legal? What form should you use?

That’s how Just A Minute, LLC can help. They prepare your minutes and resolutions for you. Simply go online and answer a few questions that will jog your memory about what to include in your minutes.

They do the rest. They select the proper form and use the correct legal language. Then they prepare the monthly resolutions for you. They also prepare your annual minutes.

All you need to do is sign them and put them in your company minute book.


You don’t have to worry about those 3,000 new IRS agents. And your business will be safe and protected.


You can contact Just A Minute, LLC at 1-888-552-6552 or at http://www.JustAMinuteLLC.com

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