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7-13-google-hangoutsGoogle Hangouts – The Best Free Webinar Tool Out There!

Google is fast becoming somewhat notorious for launching new programs and then casting them aside whenever the mood changes. Witness Google Wave, Google Buzz and now Google Reader. (I’m still ticked about that one!) Despite many predictions of a similar fate for Google , Google Hangouts, their latest wonder-app, might just save the collective Google bacon.

Google Hangouts – So what is it exactly?

A super easy tool for teleconferencing that could replace or augment your existing webinar or online seminar solutions. Connected to your Google account, a hangout is a snap to launch, and it has several attractive features for marketers. You and up to ten other participants, along with any number of other viewers can see your hangout live. It can be broadcast from your Google page, YouTube channel, or a page on your site. Google records the Hangout, and then a few minutes after you’re done, delivers a YouTube URL to you, which you could then use in many ways.

How to utilize Google Hangouts in your marketing

Here are 10 great ways to use Google Hangouts in your marketing.

  • Webinars – Tired of expensive GoToWebinar fees? Now you have a free alternative!
  • Conferences – Easy to setup teleconferencing makes a Hangout a no-brainer for sharing a conference experience.
  • Meetings – Hold virtual meetings in an informal, yet immediate venue.
  • Product Launches – Create a buzz to help your product launch gain attention.
  • Interviews – Interviewing people made easy with Hangouts! Recorded, and transcribed.
  • Product Demos – Show off your products in a Hangout.
  • Virtual Press Conference – Share newsworthy items via Hangouts.
  • Live Streaming Events – Many marketers are now using Google Hangouts as their own live TV station, broadcasting weekly shows.
  • Q & A with Customers – Build relationships with your customers live and answer their questions and concerns.
  • Podcast from your Hangout – Making a Podcast to share through iTunes is extremely easy to accomplish.

If you’re not using Google Hangouts as an element in your marketing mix, you’re definitely missing out on a great opportunity to engage with your audience in a more intimate, immediate way.

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