9-Step System

The 9-Step System to Make Sure Your
Business is Protected

 Many people have asked us, “How can we be sure our business is protected?”

I suggest you first read our free report “Bullet-Proof Your Business from Lawsuits and IRS Audits”

Next, follow the 9 – Step System We Use to Make Sure Your Business is Protected

Here is our 9-Step System:

  1. First we check to see if you have a company minute book. If you don’t, we suggest you get one. (www.justaminutellc.com/products/minute-book) If it is bulging at the seams, we suggest you get a minute book extender.
  2. Second, we review the Articles of Organization
  3. Third, we look up online to make sure your company filed with the proper state government agency. Is it current online with state agency? Are any annual reports or fees due? Are the officers/members listed correctly?
  4. Fourth, we make sure you have an EIN number and the correct tax election for your company.
  5. Fifth, we review your operating agreement (LLC) or bylaws (Corporation). Do you have one? Is it complete? We check to see when the is the annual meeting is scheduled to be held. Then, we put it on the calendar to remind you the month prior so you can plan. See the article in the newsroom about this: “Preparing for Your Annual Meeting.”
  6. Next we check to see if there is a schedule of membership interests.
  7. Are there certificates? Do they match and are they current?
  8. Eighth, we make sure there is an Organizational Meeting Minutes and that they have the proper minute meeting format.
  9. Check all other minutes. See if they have the correct meeting minutes format and that they are signed correctly. If you are not sure what should be in any of these documents and what the proper format is, we can do a comprehensive review for you.

After you have completed this 9-Step System, it is VERY important that you keep your monthly resolutions and minutes current and up-to-date.

We are here to make your life easier. If you would like us to do them for you, sign up for our Minute Service.